You already have a significant and meaningful long-term relationship with United Way. Take the next step and make United Way's Legacy your own by ensuring that future generations will have the resources to continue improving lives and community conditions in Fairfield County. You can do this by making a planned gift to United Way's endowment. These gifts housed at the Fairfield Foundation in United Way's name will help improve lives for generations to come.

Gift planning professionals at United Way are here to help whether or not your goal is leaving your legacy, supporting a program/initiative of great interest to you, creating a lasting remembrance of the values you embrace, making yourself happy, supplementing your income, or lowering your taxes. We will partner with you, your family, and your financial advisor to help you achieve personal philanthropic goals while ensuring that your philanthropic vision is a reality.

Endowment Fund Purpose: The purpose of our endowment is to provide caring community investors the opportunity to make available a stable funding source for programs and initiatives crucial to the long term success of the Fairfield County community.


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