Taxpayer's Drop-Off Procedures You (taxpayer) will:
• Complete Intake Form 13614-C, please complete every line on pages 1-3 or mark "n/a" if not applicable
• Provide social security cards your spouse and all dependents that are entered onto the Form 13614-C Intake Form (can be copied at United Way office).
• Picture Identification for yourself and spouse (can be copied at United Way office).
• Forms W-2, 1099 and/or any other income documents
• If itemizing, proof of expenses (Mortgage interest, gifts to charity, real estate taxes, etc.)
• For Direct Deposit service (if applicable) provide a check with "VOID" written on check. Bank Deposit Tickets are not accepted for direct deposit services.
• Complete and sign the Taxpayer Release Form

Taxpayer's Pick-Up Procedures You (taxpayer) will:
• Bring Photo Identification
• Review the return to ensure the names, social security numbers, address, banking information, income and expenses on the return are correct based on your supporting documents. You and your spouse are ultimately responsible for all of the information on the tax return.
• Respond to questions asked by the IRS-certified volunteer who prepared or quality reviewed your return.
• Sign Form 8879, IRS e-file Signature Authorization

Intake Form – Complete pages 1-3
Release Form – Complete and sign bottom of page 2


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